Rail infrastructure maintenance

Managing maintenance processes | Remote diagnostics and control | Internet of Things

Revitest Observer system is a perfect tool for managing processes related to tram or railway infrastructure. It can be easily linked to your company information system (SAP, Oracle, etc...) while providing your people very comprehensive working environment and beautifully designed mobile platform.

Depot management

Vehicles positioning within the depot | Optimized parking plan | Fleet management | Interfaced with signaling system

Revitest DMS system is an easily customizable tool for managing processes related to tram or trolleybus depot. All data needed for making the right decisions are collected from other information systems and optimized parking plans are created and provided to the signaling system for smooth parking process every evening.

Information systems

Customized information systems tailored to needs of tramway and rail operators

Having over 8 years experience with some of the largest tramway systems on several continents, we are happy to help you building custom modules of information systems as well as mobile applications tailored to your specific needs.